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At CozyHeat Ltd, we put our best foot forward in bringing most ideal electric underfloor heating appliances to bring warmth and coziness to each part of your home from bedroom and bathrooms to hallways and even conservatories. Our electric underfloor heating solutions features the most elegant design and sophisticated technology.

If you are looking for practical and cost effective underfloor heating system to maintain warmth in all areas of your home, you will surely like our range of electric heating products. Our product range carries most of the market leading brands of insulation, tools and fittings and accessories. For any queries on electric heating UK solutions, feel free to call us 0845 094 4105.

  • Cable Kits

    cable-kits-sale.jpgCable kits are designed to supply heat safely to every inch of your floor area. These cable kits are available to conform to any room shape or size. Besides it, the ease of installation makes these cable kits a popular choice for bathrooms.
  • Cable Mats

    Underfloor Heating Cable Mats Floor hearing cable mats are designed with the same quality of cable but stitched on a convenient mats for larger open plan rooms. These mats can be easily used in tile adhesive beds, leveling compounds or in screed beds directly beneath tile.
  • Carbon Film

    carbon.jpg 1mm carbon heating complimented with a state of the art Thermostats/Controllers enable electric heating under all types of wood/laminate. It is also available in HeatPak that provides you with a heating source under carpets.
  • Towel Warmers

    towelwarmers.jpg Keep your towels always dry, warm and fresh with our range of towel warmers. We carry eight different styles of towel warmers to make sure that you get one that brings perfect combination of warm, luxury and comfort to your bathroom.
  • Mirror Demisters

    carbon.jpg Eliminate the presence of mist in your mirror bathroom mirror at the flick of a switch with our simple to install Mirror Demister. This light and thin easy to install, energy saving and safe to use demister warms up the mirror to a comfort temperature.
  • Accessories

    accessories.jpg We carry a huge variety of heating accessories to aid you through your installation of your underfloor heating systems. From Jointing Tape to a full installation kits, you will get everything you need for under floor heating system installation. Click below to view the full accessory list.


At Cozyheat Ltd, we not just provide you the best electric underfloor heating solutions but also bring the latest underfloor heating information. From the latest news & information to the latest products, we keep you updated with the most sophisticated underfloor heating technology. To read informative articles on underfloor heating and information, click below :

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CozyHeat specializes in bringing the most competitive electric underfloor heating solutions. We design and supply a vast range of electric underfloor heating appliances, throughout the UK. All our products are efficient, effective and controllable heating solutions to suit most of the modern life styles. These systems are available for most of the domestic installations such as conservatories, loft extensions and bathrooms. We are committed to provide customers with the best underfloor heating systems and customer support in the industry. We make sure you will be completely content with our products, prices and quick service. Call us (sales hotline) on 0845 094 4105 today and our specialists will be on hand to assist you with all your electric heating UK inquiries

Most people give due significance to dressing up in winter to keep themselves warm. But a cold floor can ruin all your preparations to keep yourself warm and safe in winter. Recently, electric underfloor heating has emerged as popular enhancements to be made in a new home or as a part of general home improvement program. Here are the top 5 reasons why it makes sense to consider DIY underfloor heating for your new home or home renovation program

1. Cost - Generally, installing an underfloor heating system is a costly affair and is much expensive than traditional way of extending an old water/radiator system, an uprated pump and boiler to cope with additional radiators. Electric underfloor heating appears to be most affordable option among all of them in long term.

2. Simple Installation - Following simple guidelines underfloor heating can be laid by the customer to his/her own specifications. Professional installation is always possible but it is not always necessary if you are equipped with basic tools and rudimentary DIY skills

3. Property Value - Underfloor heating is an easy means of enhance property value and have higher resale values for your homes. Many homeowners refer to go for underfloor heating for new-build, extension, improvement or renovation project while considering reselling or for any.

4. Environment - If you have got under heating system, you are surely contributing significantly to the health of enshrinement in many ways such as buy producing heat whenever required, reduce waste through pipes and unwanted convection activity and consuming less energy. In this way, under heating equipments provides cost-effective and efficient warmth.

5. Luxury - With underfloor heating equipments, you can use them when you need it and also when you need it most. Whether it be chilly winter mornings, when you don't like to put your feet on cold floor or is summer morning when you need least warm, underfloor heating is the best way eliminating the cold hardness of wood, tile, stone and linoleum floors. This allows you to enjoy luxury of warm feet in all seasons.

To get more information on our products, call our sales hotline now on 0845 094 4105 and find out how underfloor heating could be the right choice, economically, ergonomically and environmentally for your house or project.

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